Hi, I’m Andrea,

the Private Escort/Companion that you’ve been hoping to find in Tel Aviv

She has an AMAZING body – slender and athletic, with long slender legs, and beautiful breasts. And it doesn’t stop there – her face doesn’t disappoint, either – she’s very attractive – more cute than classically beautiful, but certainly quite a looker.

I’m Andrea, born in Israel, 26 years ago, that makes me a sabra. I’m an independent,  courtesan, private escort, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Offering a GFE experience, I promise to make your stay in Tel Aviv one to remember, one that will bring a smile to your face long after you’ve returned home.

Body Stats
Age: 26
Bra Size: 34C (75C)
Height: 5’9″ ( 180cm)
Build: Slim & Athletic (see picts)
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi
Languages: English, Hebrew
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Color: Turquois


Hourly: 1100nis
US dollars, Euros are accepted as well

My email  AndyAndi69@gmail.com

The Picts on my site….To Be Reassured

re·as·sur·ance. noun \ˌrē-ə-ˈshu̇r-ən(t)s\. : something that is said or done to make someone feel less afraid, upset, or doubtful.

note about the pictures on my site, they are what we call “body doubles.” They aren’t me, but I’ve spent hours and hours searching for images that reflect my own body. It should be obvious as to why I don’t put my real pictures on my site, the internet is forever, my escorting days are not.

For those of you who simply must see a real pict, I would suggest that you try elsewhere, because its simply not going to happen with me.  :)

Where are we going to meet? Just in your hotel. My escorting visits are restricted to outcall only and I visit just to the main hotels in Tel Aviv

More so, I prefer visiting gentlemen over 40 years of age, as I seem to have a better chemistry with them.

And for reasons of personal security and discretion I’ll be visiting only with those who not citizens of Israel, just visitors.