I’m  Kim, a 29 year old, student working toward my professional degree, while working as an escort. I am a intelligent, pretty, sexy, busty blonde with Natural Boobs (D Cup) and have recently been told that I’m the BEST private / independent escort in Tel Aviv,  an amazing woman and a Goddess!  – WOW.

I certainly appreciate the compliments, but I do believe they exaggerated just a bit (though the Goddess part has potential.)

I’m offering you private companionship services from one of the sexiest escorts you’ll ever meet, and I’m all yours. I love the look on mens faces when I walk into a room, and I can’t deny that if affects me :). I have a variety of roles that I can play for you: The stylish escort with elegant high heels, the girl in the yoga pants at your gym, how about the office worker… or just a scantily clad natural blond with natural D’s in your bed.

Winning the Eurovision Contest!!

Wow, we won!! its just sooo cool, so fun

Private Escort Tel Aviv
Some legal or pseudo legal stuff…(I’m not a lawyer, nor am I studying to be one), but I’ve noticed that small text is important in legal documents.
Lets start with what I know, that its legal for me to be the best private and independent escort here in Tel Aviv, Israel, its the “pimps” and their cousin of human trafficking, which are illegal (as it should be).  I’ve notice on many escort sites throughout the world,  and its very inconsistent, a warning and contract of sorts for those who enter these sites. How it would hold up in a court obviously depends upon the court and where it is. Clearly the courtrooms of Norway / Sweden  would take a different view of such warnings as would a courtroom in Iran.