Andrea, your Private & Independent Escort in Israel

Hi and welcome to my personal escort site. Here you’ll learn about me, as well as what some of  my clients have said about me . I believe my honesty here will make for a better visit without the unwanted surprises that seem to permeate the escort business.

I offer you the fun of a young sexy girl for you to”play” with, but I also will listen to you with all my heart. In short I offer you the ideal/fantasy of being with a sexy young private escort girl who will play with you as well as listen to you (clothing is optional).

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About Me

I’m 26 and am a student. This job, which is temporary has given me the opportunity to not just pay my bills have traveled around the world (with and without clients) and have kept company with VIP’s as well as those who are more modest as to their accomplishments (husband, father, professional).

I’ve had the opportunity to meet, converse and play with such a wide variety of people in an honest environment (people seem to be more honest when they are naked and after a good BJ). I doubt any other job offers such an interesting viewpoint of humanity.


Some Specs

Age: 26
Bra Size: 34C (75C)
Height: 5’9″ ( 180cm)
Weight: 49-51kg (108 – 112lbs)
Build: Slim & Athletic (see picts)
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi
Languages: English, Hebrew
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Color: Turquoises


The Rare Jewel

One of my clients once called me the “rare jewel,” in the Tel Aviv escort business. With me, you’ll find a young, very slim, tall, cute and intelligent girl to be with. I have one of those “model” type bodies, tall, slim and flexible, the kind you see in the magazines and on Fashon TV, (when your wife is not around).

There is no rushing, no stopper, I will be your companion, your friend, your partner, your erotic fantasy for our time together. In fact you can read about a few of my clients experiences here.

Real Picts of Me…

A note about the pictures on my site, they are what we call “body doubles.” They aren’t me, but I’ve spent hours and hours searching for images that reflect my own body. As you can see from the quotes (just below the header picts), I do believe I have succeeded. It should be obvious as to why I don’t put my real pictures on my site, the internet is forever, my escorting days are not.

For those of you who simply must see a real pict, I would suggest that you try elsewhere, because its simply not going to happen with me.

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My Escort Services

I ‘m very affectionate and offer a girlfriend experience (GFE). Imagine me as your loving girlfriend and read the quotes found on every page here. Between the quotes and the pictures I believe you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. A wonderful erotic hour(s) that excites both your body and mind:)

I am very discrete, both of us have lives outside of this corner of erotica, lives that involve our family, acquaintances, collegues etc that we would rather not know of our secret life-style. That common need, keeps discretion as an important part of my escorting, so though many of you write me about the need for discretion, you need not worry, it is as important to me as it is to you.

Just in Tel Aviv and I restrict myself to the 4 and 5 star hotels. For those needing a place for just a few hours, there are several nice quality hotels along the road that parallels the beach (Hayarkon Street) , that offer “day use.” (outcall only).

Pricing (includes travel expenses)

First Hour: 1100nis
Additional Hours*: 1100nis

*additional hours based on our chemistry
US dollars, Euros are accepted as well


My Clients Speak

The Regular Client

I’ve now seen her over 4x. I find the time with her to be very much like having a Girl Friend, shes friendly relaxing as well as having a very sexy body. The time goes quickly between the small talk and the actual sex. The “relationship” if one can call it that, (being realistic as I am), is most enjoyable. She arrrvies late, apologies, tells me what happened on the way., promises to make up for it…just like a real girlfriend :).

Each visit is better than the previous. She remembers what we did, what we talked about and continues as if it was yesterday since we met.

Shes not for the “wam bam, thank you thank you ma’am crowd”. Thats probably why she prefers men older than 40.

The Initial Kiss

Its the kind of fantasy that most men dream about…she walks in, crosses the floor, this tall, slim pretty girl with a smile on her face. She approaches me gives me a wet kiss and then another one. After she seems sure that I’m ready for a break, she takes a step back and takes off her clothes. I move to the bed….I’m still staring at her body, not a gram of fat anywhere, just pure feminime beauty.

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