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One of the most exciting moments for me (the escort) and for the client is when I come out of the bathroom dressed in one of my outfits.  When I open the door of the bathroom and step in to the room so they can see me, I can almost hear their heart beating, trying to break out of their chest,

There are those who request a specific outfit (yoga pants), some are very specific and those who request that I “surprise them” either way I hope they don’t have some kind of heart attack when they see me. The smile on their faces, when they see me, is simply priceless. They are like little kids in an ice cream store […]


I was graded, and I got a “C” (71%) on my Performance

I really didn’t understand, I get constant compliments on the quality of my work, on the appearance, yet when I asked one of my clients how does one get tested he explained it to me and then when we did it, the result was a C – 71%. Granted I did much better on the details such as Minify JavaScript where I got an A – 95% but still 71%

I’m used to getting good grades so this was very disappointing. But the worse part? I have now have to learn new internet terms such as: Defer parsing of Javascript and learn if its even possible to do on my site.
Its speed is a 4.6s, for loading, its should be […]


Couples + the Escort Girl (me)

Being invited to join a couple is always interesting (I have a new page on my own website for that: Girl Love). Since there are now 3 of us, the options and dynamics are  different.

A lot of the dynamics really depends upon the girls experience and the mans fantasy. Many times the girl really isn’t that experienced and has been wondering about it since her days in college.
Her husband (I only visit with actual couples) who has been fantasizing about a threesome since his first erection, has finally got his wife to agree.
The girl, when its her first time, is usually hesitant as first and doesn’t even know where to begin, this is my favorite. I walk in the […]


I forgot the condoms….

It was raining, I was cold, I didn’t want to be late and I couldn’t find just where I put my latest surprise to one of my first regular clients…a short black dress (no panties). I looked in the closet next to the bed, in the dryer, no where to be found. I went to the computer to send him an email that I will be late and found my dress there, on the chair next to the computer. I remember, I was trying it on when I figured out how to do something in Photoshop that I was trying to do and not succeeding, so when the solution finally entered my brain, I went straight to the computer […]


GFE: The Girl Friend Experience

As an Escort my clients may ask for the GFE (Girl Friend Experience), and its something that I have as an option on my website. However the actual definition of a GFE is not exactly definitive, so here I shall explain my version of it.
For me its in the attitude that I bring with me, the warm eyes, the attention that you’ll be getting, the hands on that you’ll be feeling. I want to give you the feeling that even though we just met and I may be leaving soon, I’m all yours and you are mine.

What was unexpected for me, was that as I see a client a few times, this actually becomes real, I can actually feel […]


The School Dress

The school girl dress. What is it that turns you men on so much about a high school girl, what is that that you missed in High School? Well we all know don’t we. In high school you were probably one of the 90% of males that had limited confidence, no experience in talking to girls, not yet matured into a man, while all around you were girls that had their tits bursting out of their shirts, their tight asses, swaying infront of you while walking down the hallway and all your could do is fantasize. Worse of course were the cheerleaders…

And to make matters worse we now see all these high school movies where the big guy always […]


My Hidden Desire…

In every meeting I actually have a very secret agenda (which obviously won’t be much of a secret after this). Though I know if I wear my “see-thru school dress, or my leather boot, stocking combination, I will get a very positive reaction, I actually want more from you. (and Yes I promise to write a blog or two about my new school dress and leather boots).
I want to leave you with not just a positive feeling about me, but about my county Israel as well.  I have chosen to live here and I’m very proud of my country, this place is incredible, a country so small, so new, so dynamic and yet so influential… and if I can […]


Real-Time Marketing and Escorting

One of the cooler things about my escorting I’ve noticed is that when I write up about something, for instance wearing a baseball hat and having my pony tail stick out,  I get requests for it. Its like there is some secret desires in people that are only let out when their “given permission.” When I write about something it seems to remind you guys, that “YES” that does turn me on! I want that fantasy and Kim will do it for me.  (I love those reactions)

I rarely get requests for something that I haven’t written about. For instance in my coming posts I’m going to write about my cute little see-though school girl type skirt, and no doubt […]


Being a Freelancer- having my own Escort Business

One of the more interesting aspects of my escorting is the education in being a freelancer. I never really gave this much thought, but it does fit nicely in to my future plans. Its not just the scheduling of my clients (btw, I am now getting advanced scheduling, months in advanced) and balancing the unexpected changes that occur last minute. Its also specific requests, pricing schedules, exchange rates, travel times, (as I have learned to avoid certain times in certain areas for traffic reasons) not to mention new expenses for specific clothing requests and toys that I am buy for my clients.
This is all well and good, but there was one real surprise, and it will affect each business […]


The Blond and the Baseball hat – studies have shown…

Did you know that more “distraction” accidents are caused by blondes wearing baseball hats than any other type of accident? Statistics have shown that if you have a slim blond girl, with a nice bust, tight ass and and long hair, put a baseball hat on her with a pony tail, there will be more human accidents around her.
These are not just car accidents, but during baseball games, more batters are hit in the head, or ‘walked” during amature games. More people, walk into light poles, if a blond is jogging by. There are far more bicycle accidents as well.

After reading that article I decided to test it out myself. I put on my baseball hat, set up my […]