Israeli Escort Pride…it was a long night as we celebrated our winning the European Song Contest. Its part of my “dual life” that I live presently. Proud to be an Israeli, proud to live here and proud of my country’s accomplishments be it winning the world song contest or developing and transferring water technologies that impacts countries / people all over the world.


escorting in IsraelAs I’m out with my girlfriends dancing in the streets, its always an amazing feeling to feel the energy and “togetherness” of the country…..its fun and full of pride. How does such a little country have so much impact on the world?


And of course when 3 sexy girls are out dancing (one blonde), with our big natural boobs bouncing, celebrating, guys just have to come by and try to pick us up (my girlfriends are all “taken” ), so that leaves just me as the target. Egged on by my girlfriends, I have to politely refuse. This is probably the toughest part of my secret life, but I know having a boyfriend at this point will not work.


Life is always a balance and different periods in our lives we have different hierarchies. As I take some time off from work to celebrate with my country our winning, I am just as determined to continue concentrating on the path that I have chosen, enjoying / celebrating life, meeting fascinating people as an private escort, loving my independence and studying for my future.


and its just soo cool to win the song contest

Before I started working as a private escort, during the period when I was considering it, I did my research. Read what other escorts wrote about, read what the social workers wrote about, didn’t read to much what the men wrote about, as there wasn’t much to read… So this is where it gets interesting – take note that this is not from any real research, just my own experiences. For some who read this, they may identify with it, others may not. What is for sure is that it touches upon various ethical, moral values of the western world.


private escortIt started with one of my clients who thanked me for saving his marriage, well obviously that was an “eye opener” and I told him that if he doesn’t start explaining himself I must just squeeze a bit too hard next time we meet.


He has been married for over 10 years, he has kids, good job (wife works) and everything on the outside looks great. Except its a sexless marriage. Its something that developed over time, as the various different jobs of their family life increased with the additional duties of taking care of a growing family, the low sex drive of his wife combined with lack of imagination on her part (sex was always simple). It could have been  his inability to either express his needs or somehow communicate better, but the sex simply stopped.  More so, his imagination / fantasy’s were now getting stronger.


He’s a logical man, not prone to decisions made on emotion, he looked at his options, decided the family was important, yet so was his sex drive, his marriage / happiness was not going to survive if nothing changes. He was not interested in having an affair, He simply decided to take advantage of his frequent trips to Israel, and that is where I fit in.


I’m his fantasy, I’m all his fantasies. As much as he looks forward to seeing me, he also knows that I’m just a filler, He likes me, he enjoys talking to me, takes me out to dinner, talks of his work, I’ve seen pictures of his family but most important I also take care of him….


Sometimes I’m the one who “tears off his clothes” demands service, lets him know that he had better perform for me (he really loves the feeling that he is wanted, that I want him and that I need him to fulfill my sexual needs). Other times, I’m his next door neighbor, the “girl next door”. He really does have one of those, so I make sure that I dress like her so that when he is home and he sees her outside, and he gets aroused, he gets to remember that he actually did “have her” (except that my tits are bigger and they bounce better – I have bouncing boobs) and this calms him down.


I’m not going to be one to judge him, my experiences as an escort has shown me so many different sides that us humans have (men and woman). Did I save his marriage? am I continually saving it? well I’m not the one to judge, but he believes that I do.


There is however one important aspect for me and IF he gets confused I will stop seeing him….. that he understands that I”m just the fantasy and that his real life is with his family.

In my last post about Israeli memorial / independence day, I mentioned how I give my IDF Reserve Soldier Clients a discount. I look upon it as the least I can do for them and its not for any kind of marketing promotion.


Its pretty well known that in the world of internet marketing, giving something a way for free or with a discount on a website is a major incentive to increase traffic and eventual sales. Its something I’ve been toying with for sometime now.


best escort in Tel Aviv

I certainly do want to increase the traffic to my site, but more than that, I want to reduce the “bounce rate”, thats the number of those who come to my home page and leave and do not continue further into my site. (avg between 20-30%)


I have no real need to reduce my Escort prices, quite the opposite, I may increase them a bit (just a thought) as I need to reduce my work load as its steady increase is now starting to interfere with my day job and studies.


My own internet marketing, combined with my love of sex, the adventures of being a private escort, my natural D boobs and natural blond hair, apparently are a successful combination. (Another surprise, I also love writing about it in m blog as well and receiving such wonderful compliments).


So my discount price will remain as a gesture solely to my very very few Israeli Reserve Combat Soldier clients, who continue to risk their lives for us and deserve my special treats.


However, I am still considering offering something, perhaps after some kind of contest..I just haven’t decided what that will be yet, suggestions are always welcome.

For those who have been reading my posts I write about many things from my escorting, to the technical problems of my website and little bit about my own “love of country” – Israel.


Today is Israels’ Independence day, Israel puts its Memorial day the day before its Independence day, which makes for an emotional roller coaster. We go from being sad and somber when we remember the cost of protecting our country with so many killed, to celebrating its success.  So this post is a tribute to both the young soldiers doing their regular service and the older ones who keep doing their reserve duty long after they finished their regular service. I appreciate all of them, from the truck driver to the commando.


One of my clients is one of those soldiers, married, family, lives in Europe on assignment, yet every year he is called up for reserved duty and every year he stops everything, packs up his bag, flys in and joins his unit and visits me. He is in a combat unit so when he goes, its toward the danger.


He is inspiring to me in that he represent the best Israel has to offer in my mind. Not everyone goes in to the army and even less are called up to do reserve duty and even fewer are in those combat reserve units.


I asked him if it bothers him, that he is one of those few, his answer is that, its not a matter of being “fair” or “just”, its a matter of him doing what is important for himself, for his family and his country. He explains more: A good country is built from many different types of people and we must be able to accept those that have different values than us including those that we don’t really understand or agree with.


He has the ability  and the will to shoulder the burden of the army, so that is what he does.


I’ve never been in the army, and I asked him what makes the IDF so different from other armies (I wasn’t born here). He told me there are a lot of reasons, but probably because it really is a “peoples army” in that even the politicians, and the army general’s kids go in the army and many serve, as is the tradition in the combat units, just as they themselves did.  When the gov’t goes to war or has some kind of  military operation, the leaders who are making those decisions are fully aware that they are sending their own children and grandchildren in “harms way.”  It’s an army, where all combat soldiers start from the bottom and have to work their way up based on their own competence and ability to make hard decisions. Its makes for better soldiers, better commanders.


Every time we meet, he tells me a little bit more, more about his service in the IDF, filling in a gap of mine.


I like him, he’s not rough, he is actually a bit shy and gentle, but when I asked him to show me some pictures of him in the army,  I see a different side of him. I see the pictures of a man doing what men can do. I see the ease and comfort of his friends and how they are comfortable with one another, and it really does turn me on in the worse way.


So for all of those soldiers who are spending the holidays on the borders protecting us, for all of those reservists who every year leave their families and put on the uniform, I offer you my thanks, my appreciation, and my tits to dream about :).


tel aviv escort

And of course  I only see him when he is finished his reserve duty, I consider myself his “present.” Of course he gets the IDF discount for “Soldiers in Uniform” (an Israeli tradition found in museums, food stands, etc.  across the country and now with Private Escorts). And yes I make him wear his uniform.


Just as so many of my clients like to watch me as I exit the bathroom wearing the type of clothing that turns them on,  I get to do the same with my IDF soldier. I make him enter the room wearing his dusty, uniform (that never seems to really fit properly) his scruffy boots and I make him just stand there, while I just look at him,  and it is I that gets “wet” just thinking that soon this Israeli Combat Soldier will be mine!


I receive an email recently with the strangest title: Escort  Emergency. Obviously this caught my interest and I answered. A few emails later I understood the problem and we set up a time to meet.


And we met, he certainly enjoyed himself  (as did I) and I then asked him If I could copy his email for my blog, and of course I would modify the details. His answer, perhaps because he still had this smile on his face of complete satisfaction, was that I could simply cut and past the whole thing, so here it is.


Hi Kim,

I’m in Tel Aviv on business for the week having arrived yesterday. My work involves me to explore Tel Aviv and write about it. This involves a lot of walking, eating at different restaurants, visiting bookstores, art galleries etc. Its generally the most enjoyable part of my job, except this time its different. I’m having a very difficult time concentrating.

Everywhere I look I see beautiful, sexy women!! These women are not full of makeup, wearing very expensive clothing,  trying to draw attention to themselves, apparently this is simply the natural appearance of the Israeli woman. It can be the waitress at a restaurant, even a young mother, a bunch of girlfriends walking down the street, a female soldier wearing a very unflattering uniform with a weapon….they all just have this natural sexiness about them and its driving me crazy.  (btw something about a woman carrying a weapon is especially sexy)


Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, be they jogging, sitting and reading, or just buying an ice cream, their sexy bodies, hair and smiles. I can’t even describe to myself what makes Tel Aviv and its Israelis so different from the other cities that I have visited, but its driving me crazy.


My work depends upon my concentration and I’m not concentrating. My solution is too meet one of those beautiful Israeli woman, have my way with her and get it out of my system. If need be, meet her again and again.


So that is where you come in, you seem to represent the Israeli women that I have met, that I have watched, intelligent, beautiful, sexy….


How soon can we meet?


I answered and we soon set up a meeting at his hotel (within a few hours as I understood his job depended upon it).


After we met, I received this email:



Thank you so so so much, you answered quickly, and met me quickly after our initial emails

Your as beautiful and sexy as any of the girls in Tel Aviv, and your sexual intensity was more than I imagined. You were exactly what I was hoping for.

Though we may have to meet again, you helped me concentrate, The Israeli woman around me are still sexy as they were before we met, but at least now I have a sweet memory that relaxes me, for the meantime, and lets me concentrate on my job.



This is one of my favorite situations. Usually the man is about 45+ and has not seen “much action” over the last 10 years. Married or Divorced but always conservative, sticking to the basics, be it his wife, girlfriend or even an short romance: kiss kiss kiss, grab tits, bj, missionary position, maybe she’s on top….and thats more or less how it ends.


When I recognize that, this where the fun really begins. First there is the economics, I know that if I show him what he’s only dreamed of, or fantasized about over these years he’ll invite me for a second round before he leaves Israel, but just as enjoyable to me, is the look upon his face as i leave, its that “puppy dog” look of “don’t leave me, please stay, I hadn’t realize what I’ve been missing all of these years.”


So what actually happens? It varies, it could be me just lying on the bed with my legs spread wide and just letting him look, play with himself, or to simply play with me. Its giving him the freedom, not to have to be concerned with my orgasm or if his touch ‘arouses’ me. I’m letting him be totally selfish. He can even tell me the position he wants me in, without wondering if it will be good for me.  Once I manage to get this out of him, he has a sense of freedom (for these guys, who are smart, intelligent, its like they’ve been “feminized” and don’t know how to express what they want).


So once this “cat is out of the bag”, I ‘ve been with him for an hour and usually have to go. They’ve just started to really enjoy themselves but now they want more, so many more fantasizes to be realized, so many positions to try out. And I’m more than happy to return.


Of course there is the “down side” to this for them. I can’t imagine any of them returning home and asking their wives or girlfriends to wear stockings, a short dress with no bra and then plan on pushing them over over the kitchen table and stick it in, without them wondering what happened on that last business trip.


He just has to wait for his next trip to see me again and I get to watch him “grow” at every meeting  – kind of like a therapist*



*just a note, though clearly there is a lot going on with many of my clients and I do see the changes with them as we meet, but I am no means any kind of therapist, psychologist and psychiatrist, though I get to play one with you.

One of my goals is to give my client not just a “good time” but to give them a memory they can take back with them. A fantasy come true.

In erotic strip shows/peepshows, sometimes some of the girls wear a face mask as they walk around teasing the men staring at them, letting them fantasize about her. Though I don’t know the actually statistics no doubt most of their visits are limited to just looking, and the limited touch of the lap dance. At best a frustrating experience. The frustration being increased by the curiosity of what she really looks like


Escort with Natural big boobsSo I also have a mask.


Long after my client has returned home and they sneak into one of those strip shows (instead of rushing home), and one of the girls comes out with one of those masks on, I hope to be remembered.


He can remember that in the not so distant past, a sexy, blonde with natural big boobs, approached just him, also with a mask, only this time, she did more much much more than simply teasing him. Not  only that, he will compare and remember,  and he will remember that Kim was far more sexier, attentive and has perfect D boobs!


And, who knows,  if I like you enough, I might even take the mask off (among a few other articles of clothing).

One of my more time consuming tasks are the emails. It is here where the first contact starts and the first impressions are made. And its here where I try to separate myself from the competition.  I want to show how warm I am, that I do want you to enjoy our time together, that it is personal (all true),  at the same time I can’t start having full conversations as the time spent on the emails are not “billable hours.”


More than that I also have to “filter out” those who are just playing or curious about me, the escort girl. They will be asking questions about services,  (many of them start with the ” this is my first time inviting an escort girl….”), with no intention of actually meeting. And there are those that have special requests, and will only do so “slowly” and not just mention their fetishes in the first two emails. For them, I have to be patient and as our emails go back and forth  and they get comfortable enough with me, they will mention what really turns them on (fetishes).


Though I do require basic information, I don’t want to “rush” in and demand  it, it seems so cold:

  1. Full real name
  2. Hotel
  3. Age
  4. Country of origin

Yet, I will not be visiting without that information. One option is to put in a contact form, I’ve noticed that many other girls do it and it probably works as a filter, yet I myself really don’t like filling out contact forms, its a “turn off,” and so I might lose some potential customers with it.


Its under consideration, I might consider doing a test, by putting one up and then comparing results to “before and after, but still, I really don’t like the idea, it seems so cold and unfriendly. As I write this, my gut feeling says “no to the form.”

private escort tel aviv


So maybe I’ll just make it clearer in my website,  that when I ask for the full name, if my request is ignored, I’ll just stop the conversation and save myself a few emails and not waste the country’s energy (server usage).


and of course sometimes, but just sometimes, when I do read what you would like (role playing for example with me being interviewed), my imagination does get the better of me and well, the picture here in the post probably explains it best.  I do answer emails when I’m only partially dressed, so all parts are easily accesable (and these are also not billable hours).

One of the most exciting moments for me (the escort) and for the client is when I come out of the bathroom dressed in one of my outfits.  When I open the door of the bathroom and step in to the room so they can see me, I can almost hear their heart beating, trying to break out of their chest,


There are those who request a specific outfit (yoga pants), some are very specific and those who request that I “surprise them” either way I hope they don’t have some kind of heart attack when they see me. The smile on their faces, when they see me, is simply priceless. They are like little kids in an ice cream store when they are handed their chocolate ice cream cone. They watch every step I take as I get closer to them, some not even believing this is really happening, that fantasy that has been in their head for years is finally real. For those who requested the yoga pants, well this time they can stare all they want, even pull down my pants – something they can only dream of doing in their yoga class, where the big busted, slim blonde girl can only be stared out of the corner of their eyes.


There is the secret school girl fetish. Something not allowed to talk about. When I come out of the bathroom wearing my short school girl outfit, I”m no longer 29 years old in their eyes but a mere 18, senior year in high school, captain of the cheerleader squad. And the client? He too is no longer 40+ but has returned to High School but not the wimp he was but a stronger, bigger and the one who gets the cheerleader!!


Anticipation sometimes is actually more exciting than the actual event (my escorting being the obvious exception). This is in fact not a new phenomenon. For instance, preparation for a vacation trip can have the same psychological affect, where the anticipation can keep one excited long before the trip actually happens.


The parallel of my escorting to the vacation example,  are the clients that write me before they arrive in Israel. We have a few emails about expectations. When I ask about any particular clothes they would like to see on me, the reactions are very positive and full of excitement and sometimes very detailed, clearly they have been waiting for this moment for a long time!


And just to increase the anticipation and I admit its just teasing, I might respond with “I’ll see what I can do, but I”m not promising anything  :).


And when we meet, I might even spend an extra minute or two or three in the bathroom, checking up on my makeup, making sure my shirt has just the right amount of cleavage showing…. just to increase the suspense.


Decisions can be tough: should I wear suspenders, see thru shit and no bra, or just wear my tight fitting jeans and an open white button down shirt and high heels….




I really didn’t understand, I get constant compliments on the quality of my work, on the appearance, yet when I asked one of my clients how does one get tested he explained it to me and then when we did it, the result was a C – 71%. Granted I did much better on the details such as Minify JavaScript where I got an A – 95% but still 71%


escort teacher



I’m used to getting good grades so this was very disappointing. But the worse part? I have now have to learn new internet terms such as: Defer parsing of Javascript and learn if its even possible to do on my site.


Its speed is a 4.6s, for loading, its should be faster, Granted I have large, quality picts and unlike other B2B / B2C sites, my clients are willing to wait longer for my site to load, still…I don’t like low grades.


And there is more, my total page size is 1.27MB, how does that translate in to Kg and do I have to put my site “on a diet.”


Now that I”m aware of my sites performance and that I still have work to do on it, and that I have to fill my already filled brain with additional terms, such as optimization, image compression – ugh!!!

I can’t decide if the next time that same client, who showed me this stuff,  invites me over, if I should use my teeth…

Being invited to join a couple is always interesting (I have a new page on my own website for that: Girl Love). Since there are now 3 of us, the options and dynamics are  different.


A lot of the dynamics really depends upon the girls experience and the mans fantasy. Many times the girl really isn’t that experienced and has been wondering about it since her days in college.


Her husband (I only visit with actual couples) who has been fantasizing about a threesome since his first erection, has finally got his wife to agree.


The girl, when its her first time, is usually hesitant as first and doesn’t even know where to begin, this is my favorite. I walk in the room, he always opens the door and I see her sitting on the chair or bed clearly nervous. I go and sit next to her and talk to the husband. I smile at her and ask her how long has she been fantasying about it, that usually starts to open her up a bit and we continue talking. At one point I’ll  take her hand and put it on my leg (the husband almost immediately puts his hand on his cock).


I whisper to her that I”m getting wet just thinking about her hand on my pussy, and then spread my legs a bit. I look at the husband with steely eyes that tells him to “stay back” and not interfere. Usually shes a bit hesitant at this point, but I spread my legs even more, lean back and ask her to “massage” my pussy, just touch it.


As she does it, she also gets more comfortable with the idea and then starts to move on her own…. the fun begins. And the husband?  well depending upon how excited he is (I use visible clues for that) I may let him join us.

It was raining, I was cold, I didn’t want to be late and I couldn’t find just where I put my latest surprise to one of my first regular clients…a short black dress (no panties). I looked in the closet next to the bed, in the dryer, no where to be found. I went to the computer to send him an email that I will be late and found my dress there, on the chair next to the computer. I remember, I was trying it on when I figured out how to do something in Photoshop that I was trying to do and not succeeding, so when the solution finally entered my brain, I went straight to the computer to try it out while removing my dress. (still had the high heels on).

I made it to the hotel room, (late) but he was glad to see me, I know he was waiting impatiently and maybe even a little mad, but I was sure that once I did finally enter and put on my short black dress, show him my natural D’s, give him a cute smile, he would forgive me

and he did, but that was the easy part.

I’ll skip over our discussion about how the different cultures that have arrived here in Israel have had their affect on the culture through out its short history (I’m not ever sure how we got there) and I’ll skip over the part led me to get up, walk slowly over to the bathroom (it was a big room to get the condoms, knowing he was watching every step I took and getting very excited for when I return to him.

and they weren’t there, I took the wrong purse. I looked in the mirror and couldnt decide funny or horrible. Well the major advantage was that I knew him and as much as I was embarrassed I knew it would be ok. So I peaked out from the bathroom, and boy was he ready for me, and I mean really really ready for me. (this was going to be “harder” than I thought).

So walked over, crawled on the bed, just to give him  clear view of my  Big D’s, sat on his legs, squeezed him and causally mentioned that by the way, I forgot the condoms!!!

He just smiled, shook his head slightly and mentioned that I must be the worst escort girl in the middle east. How does one forget such a basic aspect of escorting. Well I told him, I was just so excited to show off my new dress, with matching high heels that I completely forgot I was escorting. (Did I mention that I had both hands on him now, so had nowhere to go, nor did he want to).

He looked at me, I squeezed, smiled and he smiled back….we have a real relationship and that is a big part of this for me now. When the client is a bit less the client and becomes a real person in my eyes.

Though he did remind me that forgetting the condoms was “unforgivable.”  but by the time I left I can say I had been forgiven.

As an Escort my clients may ask for the GFE (Girl Friend Experience), and its something that I have as an option on my website. However the actual definition of a GFE is not exactly definitive, so here I shall explain my version of it.

For me its in the attitude that I bring with me, the warm eyes, the attention that you’ll be getting, the hands on that you’ll be feeling. I want to give you the feeling that even though we just met and I may be leaving soon, I’m all yours and you are mine.

What was unexpected for me, was that as I see a client a few times, this actually becomes real, I can actually feel like their Girl Friend, which of course makes the visit all the more fun exciting and real.

One definition of GFE involves kissing. For those who know me, you all know that kissing for me is for my personal life, so I keep that off the menu. I realize for some, this is a crucial part of their definition of the GFE, but as we all know, sometimes girlfriends say “no.”

Though my version of the GFE may have some limitations, the overall experience with me is far greater than any single one act, after all its the experience you’re looking for and I want to leave you with a feeling that you want to see me again, just like a real girlfriend.

After we visit a few times, the GFE can actually become a TGF (temporary girl friend) or perhaps a SGF (secret girl friend) how about BGFIEH (my best girl friend I ever had) or even IWKWMRGF (I wish kim was my real girlfriend).

For many, I would simply like to see you again because I enjoyed our time together and being like the GF is simply a natural outcome of that.

The school girl dress. What is it that turns you men on so much about a high school girl, what is that that you missed in High School? Well we all know don’t we. In high school you were probably one of the 90% of males that had limited confidence, no experience in talking to girls, not yet matured into a man, while all around you were girls that had their tits bursting out of their shirts, their tight asses, swaying infront of you while walking down the hallway and all your could do is fantasize. Worse of course were the cheerleaders…

And to make matters worse we now see all these high school movies where the big guy always gets the fully developed girl which  is not exactly how you remember your high school experience.


so I”m offering you the option of fixing that experience. Not only do you get the “high school” sexy blonde with the big naturals, but you get her anyway you want.

Want a lap dance from a high school girl?, want that high school girl on her knees? Its your fantasy, your time to “fix” that very frustrating high school experience and replace it with the way things should have gone.

After me, everytime you see one of those cute high school girls in the street, with everything perfectly in place, all you have to do is remember me and you can smile, remembering that you finally got your high school girl.

In every meeting I actually have a very secret agenda (which obviously won’t be much of a secret after this). Though I know if I wear my “see-thru school dress, or my leather boot, stocking combination, I will get a very positive reaction, I actually want more from you. (and Yes I promise to write a blog or two about my new school dress and leather boots).


I want to leave you with not just a positive feeling about me, but about my county Israel as well.  I have chosen to live here and I’m very proud of my country, this place is incredible, a country so small, so new, so dynamic and yet so influential… and if I can help in my own little way to spread that feeling, than I shall.


So in addition to really really enjoying the people I’m meeting, the relationships that are being formed, the really fun time together, the education of being an independent woman, internet technology and digital marketing…I get to add my own personal ‘ambassadorship” as a zionist:



One of the cooler things about my escorting I’ve noticed is that when I write up about something, for instance wearing a baseball hat and having my pony tail stick out,  I get requests for it. Its like there is some secret desires in people that are only let out when their “given permission.” When I write about something it seems to remind you guys, that “YES” that does turn me on! I want that fantasy and Kim will do it for me.  (I love those reactions)

I rarely get requests for something that I haven’t written about. For instance in my coming posts I’m going to write about my cute little see-though school girl type skirt, and no doubt that will start the imagination juices flowing in my clients (or potential clients) and then I’ll get some emails with that request.  I’ve already done a “test run” with it and the reactions were very positive, so I’m confident the investment will be worth it 🙂


I’m realize I’m not really creating anything new, I am however finding a market where, at least in Israel, not many seem to be pursuing. Its actually quite fun as I look at our every day activities and wonder which ones contain those hidden fantasies that excite my clients and then me…


and make no mistake about it, when you get excited, so do I!!!!!!!

One of the more interesting aspects of my escorting is the education in being a freelancer. I never really gave this much thought, but it does fit nicely in to my future plans. Its not just the scheduling of my clients (btw, I am now getting advanced scheduling, months in advanced) and balancing the unexpected changes that occur last minute. Its also specific requests, pricing schedules, exchange rates, travel times, (as I have learned to avoid certain times in certain areas for traffic reasons) not to mention new expenses for specific clothing requests and toys that I am buy for my clients.


This is all well and good, but there was one real surprise, and it will affect each business differently. HOLIDAYS.


Holidays means I won’t be working. My business clients are either with their families or on vacation, but definite not working. Do you know how many holidays they have here in Israel? LOTS: Israel’s national holidays, Jewish Holidays and Christian Holidays,  plus my work is affected by American holidays as well  (most of my clients are American).


And its not just the holidays themselves it also means the days before and after the actual holidays when my clients are flying here. Add to that I don’t work during my period (3-5 days a month), weekends where I’m working part days (No Friday nights or  Saturday days) and I have a rough estimate that I”m working maybe 2/3 of the year, maybe even less.


Its been an eye opener, realizing that every business looks at holidays differently. Hotels love holidays, supermarkets in Israel love them as well, Tourist towns have very small windows for their restaurants and art stores to either make it or close based on holidays and weekends.


And escorting? Well I’m pretty impervious to the ups and downs of the economy, but not the holidays. The more I offer in terms of roll-playing, toys, as well as gaining a strong reputation for being the best escort in Israel as well as being  (and I quote here) “a goddess”, I have work. Seems you guys just can’t get enough of an intelligent, natural busty blonde, escort.


The conclusion is, not just am I financing my own future career, meeting some pretty smart people, (that I would probably never meet in my regular life),  enjoying sex with so many variations, learning about digital marketing,  I’m also getting valuable experience in what its like to be an freelance businesswoman and learning the meaning of actual billable hours.

Did you know that more “distraction” accidents are caused by blondes wearing baseball hats than any other type of accident? Statistics have shown that if you have a slim blond girl, with a nice bust, tight ass and and long hair, put a baseball hat on her with a pony tail, there will be more human accidents around her.


These are not just car accidents, but during baseball games, more batters are hit in the head, or ‘walked” during amature games. More people, walk into light poles, if a blond is jogging by. There are far more bicycle accidents as well.


After reading that article I decided to test it out myself. I put on my baseball hat, set up my pony tail, put on my tight yoga pants and went for a walk / jog. I put in my earbuds as if I was busy, but kept the music off so I could look around  🙂


It was fun, I’m used to getting looked at / stared at/ but this was beyond normal :), especially when I smiled at them when they were trying not to stare at me. Though I didn’t cause any car accidents,  I did see one girlfriend get really mad at her boyfriend who followed me with his eyes, a group of american tourists pretty much ignored their tour guide who was explaining something while I slowly jogged around him….and then of course I stopped to rest and took off my hat and did the girl thing of throwing my hair back (you know like in the movies).



so though my little experiment was not scientific I do believe there is something to that, and I shall have to add THE BASEBALL HAT to options for my clients…all you have to do is ask  🙂


Perhaps I should have my Escort website URL on the back of my shirt while I jog or on my hat


Relative Amount of Men Being Distracted in the Vicinity of Slim women jogging: Blonds vs Brunettes

(you’ll have to read the original study as to how distraction is defined as well as actual accidents vs mere distractions – there is sub section of “girlfriend/wives getting mad at boyfriends/husbands as well).

There really isn’t a connection between my escorting and motorcycles. I still have however fond memories from the days when my friends had motorcycles and I would go along for the ride. It was like in the movies, us “young” strong, pretty bunch of teens crusing around on our fast bikes.


We were lucky despite all the stupid things we did while riding no one got really hurt or killed. As time moved on and so did we, our priorities changed, going in different directions our riding got less and less. Looking back it was for the better, statistically the chances of one of us getting hurt were not in our flavor. While I definitely enjoyed that period, I”m just as glad that it finished and I survived it.



But it was fun, exciting, sexy and so were the guys and their bikes. So in honor of them I present one of my favorite youtube videos:

It has rained today, it may not be snow but it does mean that the winter has arrived. For my work as an escort it means its time to break out the leather boots, the winter jacket (and I can wear something very sexy underneath.

Its just so sexy to walk into a hotel with my coat, leather boots, stockings, long blond hair, and just sense the men trying not to stare at me while imaging me naked, while I walk by.


and then of course is the best part. I enter the hotel room go to chair which is usually across the room, put down my purse and look at my client. Usually at this point he is like a little kid at Christmas just waiting to open up his present. His mouth is a little bit open, eyes open wide, breathing a bit a faster while he watches every move I make.


So I just slow down, I face him and take off my jacket, turn and put it on the chair and then just stand there….usually they don’t say much just take it all in: tall, slim, big boob (all natural) D cups just standing there in front of him.


Usually at this point I have to take the initiative, so I might ask them to come to the bed and sit on the bed, while I’m standing in front of him, slowly turning around, and sitting on him (lap dance). As his “member” gets hard (I lift up my skirt so that I can feel it), and I start getting wet, we then have to decide upon what happens next. That will depend upon the type of person. If he is passive and clearly enjoys me taking control, I’ll keep up with the lap dancing, making him harder and me wetter…


the look on their faces is simply priceless (which reminded me of this video)