As an Escort my clients may ask for the GFE (Girl Friend Experience), and its something that I have as an option on my website. However the actual definition of a GFE is not exactly definitive, so here I shall explain my version of it.


For me its in the attitude that I bring with me, the warm eyes, the attention that you’ll be getting, the hands on that you’ll be feeling. I want to give you the feeling that even though we just met and I may be leaving soon, I’m all yours and you are mine.


What was unexpected for me, was that as I see a client a few times, this actually becomes real, I can actually feel like their Girl Friend, which of course makes the visit all the more fun exciting and real.


One definition of GFE involves kissing. For those who know me, you all know that kissing for me is for my personal life, so I keep that off the menu. I realize for some, this is a crucial part of their definition of the GFE, but as we all know, sometimes girlfriends say “no.”


Though my version of the GFE may have some limitations, the overall experience with me is far greater than any single one act, after all its the experience you’re looking for and I want to leave you with a feeling that you want to see me again, just like a real girlfriend.


After we visit a few times, the GFE can actually become a TGF (temporary girl friend) or perhaps a SGF (secret girl friend) how about BGFIEH (my best girl friend I ever had) or even IWKWMRGF (I wish kim was my real girlfriend).


For many, I would simply like to see you again because I enjoyed our time together and being like the GF is simply a natural outcome of that.

The school girl dress. What is it that turns you men on so much about a high school girl, what is that that you missed in High School? Well we all know don’t we. In high school you were probably one of the 90% of males that had limited confidence, no experience in talking to girls, not yet matured into a man, while all around you were girls that had their tits bursting out of their shirts, their tight asses, swaying infront of you while walking down the hallway and all your could do is fantasize. Worse of course were the cheerleaders…


And to make matters worse we now see all these high school movies where the big guy always gets the fully developed girl which  is not exactly how you remember your high school experience.

so I”m offering you the option of fixing that experience. Not only do you get the “high school” sexy blonde with the big naturals, but you get her anyway you want.


Want a lap dance from a high school girl?, want that high school girl on her knees? Its your fantasy, your time to “fix” that very frustrating high school experience and replace it with the way things should have gone.


After me, everytime you see one of those cute high school girls in the street, with everything perfectly in place, all you have to do is remember me and you can smile, remembering that you finally got your high school girl.

In every meeting I actually have a very secret agenda (which obviously won’t be much of a secret after this). Though I know if I wear my “see-thru school dress, or my leather boot, stocking combination, I will get a very positive reaction, I actually want more from you. (and Yes I promise to write a blog or two about my new school dress and leather boots).


I want to leave you with not just a positive feeling about me, but about my county Israel as well.  I have chosen to live here and I’m very proud of my country, this place is incredible, a country so small, so new, so dynamic and yet so influential… and if I can help in my own little way to spread that feeling, than I shall.


So in addition to really really enjoying the people I’m meeting, the relationships that are being formed, the really fun time together, the education of being an independent woman, internet technology and digital marketing…I get to add my own personal ‘ambassadorship” as a zionist:



One of the cooler things about my escorting I’ve noticed is that when I write up about something, for instance wearing a baseball hat and having my pony tail stick out,  I get requests for it. Its like there is some secret desires in people that are only let out when their “given permission.” When I write about something it seems to remind you guys, that “YES” that does turn me on! I want that fantasy and Kim will do it for me.  (I love those reactions)

I rarely get requests for something that I haven’t written about. For instance in my coming posts I’m going to write about my cute little see-though school girl type skirt, and no doubt that will start the imagination juices flowing in my clients (or potential clients) and then I’ll get some emails with that request.  I’ve already done a “test run” with it and the reactions were very positive, so I’m confident the investment will be worth it 🙂


I’m realize I’m not really creating anything new, I am however finding a market where, at least in Israel, not many seem to be pursuing. Its actually quite fun as I look at our every day activities and wonder which ones contain those hidden fantasies that excite my clients and then me…


and make no mistake about it, when you get excited, so do I!!!!!!!

One of the more interesting aspects of my escorting is the education in being a freelancer. I never really gave this much thought, but it does fit nicely in to my future plans. Its not just the scheduling of my clients (btw, I am now getting advanced scheduling, months in advanced) and balancing the unexpected changes that occur last minute. Its also specific requests, pricing schedules, exchange rates, travel times, (as I have learned to avoid certain times in certain areas for traffic reasons) not to mention new expenses for specific clothing requests and toys that I am buy for my clients.


This is all well and good, but there was one real surprise, and it will affect each business differently. HOLIDAYS.


Holidays means I won’t be working. My business clients are either with their families or on vacation, but definite not working. Do you know how many holidays they have here in Israel? LOTS: Israel’s national holidays, Jewish Holidays and Christian Holidays,  plus my work is affected by American holidays as well  (most of my clients are American).


And its not just the holidays themselves it also means the days before and after the actual holidays when my clients are flying here. Add to that I don’t work during my period (3-5 days a month), weekends where I’m working part days (No Friday nights or  Saturday days) and I have a rough estimate that I”m working maybe 2/3 of the year, maybe even less.


Its been an eye opener, realizing that every business looks at holidays differently. Hotels love holidays, supermarkets in Israel love them as well, Tourist towns have very small windows for their restaurants and art stores to either make it or close based on holidays and weekends.


And escorting? Well I’m pretty impervious to the ups and downs of the economy, but not the holidays. The more I offer in terms of roll-playing, toys, as well as gaining a strong reputation for being the best escort in Israel as well as being  (and I quote here) “a goddess”, I have work. Seems you guys just can’t get enough of an intelligent, natural busty blonde, escort.


The conclusion is, not just am I financing my own future career, meeting some pretty smart people, (that I would probably never meet in my regular life),  enjoying sex with so many variations, learning about digital marketing,  I’m also getting valuable experience in what its like to be an freelance businesswoman and learning the meaning of actual billable hours.

Did you know that more “distraction” accidents are caused by blondes wearing baseball hats than any other type of accident? Statistics have shown that if you have a slim blond girl, with a nice bust, tight ass and and long hair, put a baseball hat on her with a pony tail, there will be more human accidents around her.


These are not just car accidents, but during baseball games, more batters are hit in the head, or ‘walked” during amature games. More people, walk into light poles, if a blond is jogging by. There are far more bicycle accidents as well.


After reading that article I decided to test it out myself. I put on my baseball hat, set up my pony tail, put on my tight yoga pants and went for a walk / jog. I put in my earbuds as if I was busy, but kept the music off so I could look around  🙂


It was fun, I’m used to getting looked at / stared at/ but this was beyond normal :), especially when I smiled at them when they were trying not to stare at me. Though I didn’t cause any car accidents,  I did see one girlfriend get really mad at her boyfriend who followed me with his eyes, a group of american tourists pretty much ignored their tour guide who was explaining something while I slowly jogged around him….and then of course I stopped to rest and took off my hat and did the girl thing of throwing my hair back (you know like in the movies).



so though my little experiment was not scientific I do believe there is something to that, and I shall have to add THE BASEBALL HAT to options for my clients…all you have to do is ask  🙂


Perhaps I should have my Escort website URL on the back of my shirt while I jog or on my hat


Relative Amount of Men Being Distracted in the Vicinity of Slim women jogging: Blonds vs Brunettes

(you’ll have to read the original study as to how distraction is defined as well as actual accidents vs mere distractions – there is sub section of “girlfriend/wives getting mad at boyfriends/husbands as well).

There really isn’t a connection between my escorting and motorcycles. I still have however fond memories from the days when my friends had motorcycles and I would go along for the ride. It was like in the movies, us “young” strong, pretty bunch of teens crusing around on our fast bikes.


We were lucky despite all the stupid things we did while riding no one got really hurt or killed. As time moved on and so did we, our priorities changed, going in different directions our riding got less and less. Looking back it was for the better, statistically the chances of one of us getting hurt were not in our flavor. While I definitely enjoyed that period, I”m just as glad that it finished and I survived it.



But it was fun, exciting, sexy and so were the guys and their bikes. So in honor of them I present one of my favorite youtube videos:

It has rained today, it may not be snow but it does mean that the winter has arrived. For my work as an escort it means its time to break out the leather boots, the winter jacket (and I can wear something very sexy underneath.

Its just so sexy to walk into a hotel with my coat, leather boots, stockings, long blond hair, and just sense the men trying not to stare at me while imaging me naked, while I walk by.


and then of course is the best part. I enter the hotel room go to chair which is usually across the room, put down my purse and look at my client. Usually at this point he is like a little kid at Christmas just waiting to open up his present. His mouth is a little bit open, eyes open wide, breathing a bit a faster while he watches every move I make.


So I just slow down, I face him and take off my jacket, turn and put it on the chair and then just stand there….usually they don’t say much just take it all in: tall, slim, big boob (all natural) D cups just standing there in front of him.


Usually at this point I have to take the initiative, so I might ask them to come to the bed and sit on the bed, while I’m standing in front of him, slowly turning around, and sitting on him (lap dance). As his “member” gets hard (I lift up my skirt so that I can feel it), and I start getting wet, we then have to decide upon what happens next. That will depend upon the type of person. If he is passive and clearly enjoys me taking control, I’ll keep up with the lap dancing, making him harder and me wetter…


the look on their faces is simply priceless (which reminded me of this video)

Wow…the holidays here are long. As much as I loved seeing my family and the get togethers its even nice to get back to my own life. And much of that life involves my escorting where I get to meet some of the most interesting guys around

Now lets do a little bit of picture interpretation, as I just don’t pick any picture for my escort blog posts, but ones that relate to the subject.


This particular image is saying: I”M BACK (which movie?) and you’re being invited on to my “backside.” Note the slightly open legs as the invitation, the high heels for those of you who get turned on by them (most men) and the look in the eyes, which says” well? I’m waiting  🙂


and so it is, I”M BACK.

There are times when a clients schedule and mine simply don’t work out. His / Her free time and mine simply don’t coincide. At this point I have a few options, the first one is the probably the most widely used one by all escorts, which is when its clear there wont be a meeting, just to say “goodbye.”


Except I can’t do that. I love my country, I’m a proud Jew and a Zionist and I want visitors to Israel to leave with a good feeling. If part of their experience here includes an escort girl than that too should be good.


Sometimes they even ask me if I have a “friend.” Well I don’t really know any other private girls, at least not personally.So what do I do? I recommend someone or a website that might answer their needs. If I’m too expensive then there are the girls on backpage or the agencies. Many are professionals that are just passing through Israel from Eastern Europe but are cheaper than me (and so too is their service).


However if price is not an issue I send them to one of the independent escorts, which in essence are my competition and here is the tricky part. I might lose them. Different girls different chemistry, sometimes they might just have a little better click with my potential client.


Yet I still do it, somethings are more important than money. Also in my own naivety, believing that doing a “good deed” (strange as this might be in this line of work) brings in its own rewards. So I shall continue to recommend other escort girls and their websites that I do not know and will never meet,  if I cannot meet the client my self.


But, I do admit however to wanting to inquire how was that escort girl, and even to the point of wanting to hear some of the “dirty details.” How did she arrive, what was she wearing, was she warm toward the client, etc . Yet I don’t, as it feels like I’m prying too much-or maybe its just for my own fantasies…..(this is a subtle hint, that if I do send you to my competition, feel free to send me some feedback).

You guys have been great, its the holidays and I have family visiting.  My time as an escort is limited and I’ve been changing our agreed upon times a few times and my time with family changes. Also,  I really haven’t always been able to bring along my “yoga pants or secretary outfit, and you guys have been really patient with me.

I guess part of it is the quality of my clients, educated professionals who understand that plans don’t always work out as planned.


Of course from a sexual point of view its been very frustrating, not only am I limited in taking care of myself as I have family sleeping all over the house, but I”m no longer getting my “weekly” dose of orgasims from work.


A  few days ago I sent everyone out to have breakfast…the second they closed the door I got out my pink friend and within two minutes I was screaming as I finished, and then I did it again and finally a third time hoping that would “hold me for the week.”  I had to switch batteries between orgasim 2 and 3, do you know how frustrating that is?


I really can’t wait to get back to work, I miss you guys.



Well the holidays are here, that means family get togethers and a break from escorting, whether I want to or not. Not much scheduling to do, so it also means that I’ll be needing some private time for myself  🙂


Even where there are emails and dates to make, many will have to be turned down. Explaining to the various family members that I have to leave and I’ll be back in a few hours, will be hard to explain, especially when its 22:00.


And I get time to go shopping, perhaps a new yoga outfit as mine is getting far more use than was originally planned. Maybe some new stockings. Soon it will be cold and my long legs could use some stockings. Definitely a black skirt has to be bought and maybe something for those who want a little escort school girl to play with 🙂

Hi Guys….now I need some input from you my clients. I have a page on my site that quotes a few clients who visited me, but those go back to last year. I have a link to TER which reviews escort girls as well, but they are few.

escort in Tel Aviv

So, I need to refresh my quotes and reviews from you, my clients. I’ve received more than enough emails of how much you enjoyed your time with me, so now I would like to ask of you to write me (feel free to use a new email or put in a comment on the post itself.


I can’t really say if the comments and reviews on my own website are actually believable and increase the confidence factor interms of inviting me (perhaps you my clients can help me out here). However, one cannot forget Google, and Google always likes new relevant text on my site.


I realize that I could just make something up, but I prefer that its real as it goes to my own credability and  with your permission I can place it on my review page.


Thanks for you help (and of course all will be anonymous), in fact you don’t even have to identify yourself






I do believe  I can describe this “call to action” a success. I’ve received quite a few quotes to use and  I even a full review on the website TER.



Since my hourly is not low, most of my clients are professionals, that are visiting Israel for professional reasons. They are almost always very interesting, outside of their profession they usually have interesting hobbies as well.


For example, one of my clients loves to do illustrations and offered to draw me (see the  pict-only those who have met me will know if its a good semblance). Others bring their cameras and other professional equipment to record their visit here.  (especially during the bird migration season).


I’ve had discussions / lectures on economics (my last blog made that a starting point.) Biology, International laws, medicine, etc. Its broadened not just my general knowledge but furthered my interest in the world beyond my own “little world.”


I think one of the most surprising aspect is that sometimes they seem more excited and interested in telling me about their profession that having me, their escort girl, in bed. I’m not sure if I should be “insulted” or admire the guy who loves his profession so much  :).


One of my most memorable meeting was with an engineer. He was a specialist in energy usage and savings. As we started to talk, he took out a big sheet of paper, hung it up on the wall and started to draw a diagram and basically give me a lecture. I was wondering if there would be a test at the end 🙂


He was so excited and cute as he lectured me, I couldn’t help it but crawl off the bed, I told him I was listening and that he should continue.  I crawled over to him and unzipped his pants,  I told him to continue while I “worked.”…. and he did forget about the testing me at the end.


And though his theories sounded solid and I”m sure his numbers were correct, I noticed and mentioned that they depended upon changing human behavior. I considered “changing places” and give him a lecture on human behavior and the psychology of change, but decided to save that for our next visit. (besides I don’t know if I should do it while naked or not).


Listen up guys (and gals if there are any reading this), this will be the first lecture on escort economics for the private, independent escort.


To begin with this week I”ve had my period and couldn’t work and the timing was perfect as I’ve had a drop in emails this week. Not so much in website visitors, that remains relatively consistent, but a definite drop in actual emails for “dates.” So the question I obviously  have to ask myself, and in fact I have to research, is the reason for the drop.


This week is isolated in that I already have work scheduled for the beginning of September and had work the previous week, so a few thoughts are in order, bearing in mind that my clients are businessmen and women.


The first step is a look at the environment and some thoughts.

  • Hotels are full
  • Vacation time for Israelis
  • Vacation time for Europeans? Americans?
  • Very Hot outside
  • Economic Activity (local and worldwide)
  • Disposable income in August
  • Competition
  • General econ activity (macro and micro)


My first thought, is, if my work is similar to other general economic activity, it does require disposable income. However, at the sometime, the “need” for my attention can be strong. Clients will be willing eat peanut butter  and jelly sandwiches for a month just to save up the money to visit with me, so I don’t believe micro economics will match perfectly with the larger macro economics of the country or the int’l community.

Actually my conclusion, after my research was quite simple: There are no seminars happening now, few exhibitions, no visiting lecturers (school is out), infact everyone is on vacation!

So much for some intricate, subtle change in economic activity that someone could do their PhD dissertation on.


When I first started designing my website I did my research on the high end sites. I was always amazed at how the women on these sites had a section for presents. There they listed all kinds of expensive jewerly, fancy lingerie, dinner clothes that their clients were invited to buy them. I wondered if it was even true, did their clients go an spend hundreds of dollars on them,  all for a little more attention?


Well I can happily say it is true. Though I have yet to get any jewlery, I  do have a client who, likes to role play and buys me the clothes to fit:

private escort tel aviv


Our last visit, we were to be in the office,  he bought for me a “loose skirt”, fancy stockings and an office shirt and they weren’t from any discount store.  We meet in the nicer hotels and he always has one of the larger suites where there is a real desk (not one of those small half desks that the standard rooms all seem to have). And as you can imagine he put me next to the desk, on that desk and of course bent over the desk. The desk became the prop for our action and his needs.


He was the boss and I was the new employee, I was also the employee that screwed up and was about to be fired :).  I had to get on my knees and beg him not fire me, promise him favors, showed what I can give him, let him do whatever he wanted with me. I was the employee that was caught “playing with myself” and he just watched…..he has quite the imagination.


but what was even more fun, was when I got to be the boss and I knew he was embezzling funds. Well for him to keep his job he had to do my bidding and that he did. I took this “powerful” professional who spends much of his time putting the fear of god into his employees and I made him my pussycat….I sat on him, put my hands on his neck, made him know that I was the boss.


Whats comes next?

I have yet to be his school girl, but that can’t be too far off.

One of the more interesting aspects of my secret life are the different variations of the erection. I’ve come across premature ejaculation as well as andropause as well as the erectile dysfunction. Now if you believe you have a medical problem, then there are actual clinics that can help you. However I’ve also discovered in my non scientific research as an escort, that simple excitement can be the cause of both, premature ejaculation as well as the flacid penis.

Some people have been granted with very quick brains, good in math, others have talents in running fast, I’ve been granted a slim, sexy, well proportioned body that our culture has deemed: super sexy. Some clients simply are just so excited that finally after reading Playboy as a kid, seeing endless sexy women on TV and in the Movies, finally that that sexy girl is in the room and she is all his,  and soon she will be naked, well its just affects them. Some ejaculate right then and there and for others, well nothing works.  🙂


I try my best in both cases, sometimes it helps. I take their mind off me and we discuss other things, their work, philosophy, etc. All the while I”m touching them every so gently, smiling at them, helping them relax. Usually my methodology works and soon were back in Action. If not well there other medical procedures.


And there are those the cum within 2 minutes or even less. For some its enough, sometime we spend another 2 minutes and again they cum. For some its embarrassing for others, well, they’re paying me to satisfy them and after 4 minutes they are  🙂  so at that point the tell me “great job” and I”m free to return home.

I had a client that had recently read my post about sweat pants and was pleased to know of the option. He however had a thing for Yoga pants, that at least was understandable. Tight as they are, they show every crevice that my body has to offer and of course wearing underpants just doesn’t fit. I even wore a training top to complete the outfit.


What  I really like was that he read my blog and that got him very excited to see me and to really let out his “inner self.” And what he really liked was that I made his fantasy / fetish  come true – yoga pants. He had me move for him, slide them down just enough, bend over, every possible position that he could think of,  he would ask me to do…and I was flexible enough to do them.

As many of you know, those who have written me, visited with me, I also do what is known as “humiliation” (what I call BDSM lite).


You shall call me “Mistress


This is when the hi priced lawyer, the powerful businessman, the CEO of some hi tech company for some psychological reason needs a release that is exactly the opposite what his day to day is all about.


Instead of him making decisions that affect many, influences even more and may have repucssions world wide, he needs me to tell him what to do, how to do it and when to do it. He infact makes no decisions, nothing at all. Infact if he even deviates from my orders just a bit, he gets punished and punishment can be severe. I want him to feel that pain that he inflicts upon his employees when he gives them his dissappointed looks, when he sends them back to “do it again.”


The scenarios will vary depending upon the type of humiliation and orders that fit each client (PH – Personal Humiliation-designed to fit everyones specific needs), but each will get what they deserve.


I got these great 5″ heels to walk all over you, toes that need a licking to mention just a few of the things we may do. Anyway you look at it, my clients who need it will feel the “kim” nor will they forget it.

One of the more interesting aspects of this job is that  I get to play “therapist.” Being naked with an escort girl seems to be just what some men (woman) need to relax and let themselves go. For
many of my clients we may spend 10 minutes having sex (just like a married couple) and the next 50 I spend listening, commenting and for some even giving advice based on my own personal experiences.


The first step is usually sexual in that they can live their fantasy’s with me, their fetishes that no one in the world knows about, nor will they. Once we have established that bond, the rest comes quickly. They talk about anything freely since we’ve already passed that barrier. For me it may take just two meetings, I ‘m sure for the regular therapist it may take months to get there.


So what do we talk about? many times simply the man and female relationships,  how we  change over time, how our “wants” and needs change over time . Obviously, this includes my clients own sexual fantasies, that they dare not mention to their wives. These discussions then leads us to their own personal relationships. Sometimes they just want to be heard.


I become the listening post, and in fact I really do listen! The topics vary as does the intensity, but it is a part of my life now. At least I don’t have to deal with the classic psychologist problem of  erotic transference, since with me its part of the therapy 🙂