Visiting Businessmen in Israel (C2C)

People come to Israel for many reasons, however my favorite clients are those that coming for one of the many Business Forums in Israel, The business meetings for the multi national firms that are here in Israel, such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, Amdocs bring in some of the nicest gentlemen (and some with some fun fetishes as well!)

Escorting the Professors that are here to teach in Tel Aviv for their sabbatical year, the  medical doctors have with their various conferences here in Israel are always interesting. Many times they spend much of our time together talking about the professions.

And then we have Congresses, usually the visitors here are older for some reason or another. I’ll have to do some research to discover why that is.

What they all have in common is finding me, their personal independent sex escort on the internet

and  they all love inviting me to their hotel room 🙂

Conferences, Forum, Seminars

My clients will be busy at all the many forums and conferences, but I’m sure, actually I know, from experience that the time with me, you independent sex escort, will in fact be the highlight of their trip here.

Conferences in Israel

This is simple a list of Conferences, forums, Seminars in Israel with  companies such as Allied Global Resources Tg Nobis Investment, all with potential clients for me and Israel together.


WATEC Israel 2018 is an example of an important conference for Israel as it offers the perfect opportunity to hear from and meet a range of emerging water, energy and environmental companies seeking a combination of partners, investment and professional services to help their companies, and of course for me as well.

International Conference for Innovations in Cardiovascular Systems
2018 Israel / Tel Aviv Cardiology
Cardiovascular Systems Conference

Medical Tourism

This is now becoming an important part of the Israeli economy. All of those who are coming for treatment will need to escorted around, be it to the hospital for treament or escorted back to their living space. I’m looking at being the independent sex escort, escorting their escort :). Business opportunities exist for those who know where to find them.

Events Tel Aviv-Yafo

I’ve also been to quite a few events in Tel Aviv-Yafo, nothing in the line of work as escorting to an event in Tel Aviv-Yafo, but I always thought it would be kind of fun. I guess thats more in line with the Sugar-Daddy concept where instead of meeting for an hour or two in an hotel, the escorting is more of a long term business arrangement.

Escorting in EL AL

I believe its called the “mile-high” club. I’ll let you figure out what that means. Actually though I have been invited to meet a client outside of Israel (and went), it really doesnt happen that often. And I only fly El Al, I just feel safest with them.