Our Visit & Compensation

The Elite VIP Visit

I’ll be visiting you in your hotel room, either business or 5 star, preferably¬†during the day. I’ll also prefer at least 24 hours in advance to work out my schedule with you, and then your in for an unforgettable time, that I can promise you.

So whats on the menu….I”ll just let your read a quote from one of my clients.

“I admit I love big Naturals (DD’s) and when visiting in Israel, they’re very hard to come by. Lillit, has not just the DD’s but flowing blond hair, and big eyes…she could be a porn star if she wanted. Her service, the attention she gives is¬†equivalent to her DD’s.”

My Compensation?

1,100nis for the hour
USDollars and Euros are accepted as well