49yr old, Investment Manager, from Canada

Feb 2018

Few words can express my more than pleasant surprise. I’m not a neophyte with inviting escort girls to visit me on my travels, but Kim takes top honors. Starting with the reviews I read (TER, Private Blogs), the personal emails with her to coordinate her visit and mutual expectations cumulating with her actual visit.

As per her website: Natural Blonde, Natural D Boobs, slim and just a “knock Out” the kind you try not to stare at while going about your business. The “companionship action” was on par with her looks and the stylish clothes she wore, from her high heels to the dress with the low cut front to her makeup.

and her blog is fun to read.

55yr old, Lawyer, from the US

Sept 2017

YOGA PANTS!!!!! So many times I go to my yoga class and there are those slim girls around me, in front of me changing positions and I so much want to “freeze” the room while their ass is in the right position, go to her, pull down her pants and just “stick it in.”

This must be the standard fantasy of every man who is one of those yoga classes, thank god for Kim as she gave me the release. Now when I’m back at my yoga class, I’ll be able to remember that I actually did it and that she was far prettier, far sexier than those girls around me!

45yr old, Lawyer, Business in Tel Aviv

Sept 2017

Finding  Kim, an independent escort in Tel Aviv, was quite interesting. There are not that many, though there are quite a few that have their own phone numbers, but work for agencies. I narrowed it down to a few and since I was here for the 2 weeks decided to have some fun with two of them (seperatly).

Whereas the first was nice, petite (which I like) there was really no comparison with Kim. slim and blonde with nice natural tits she offers herself to you. Its not something that I can easily describe but its a akin to have a real hot “horny” girl with you.

55yr old Economic Advisor from the US

Aug 2017

After a short search on Google, looking for the best escort in israel I found her blog which was quite entertaining. I couldn’t decide whether to ask for the “secretary or the yoga pants.” During our emails I explained my dilemma and Kim gave me the solution of bringing both outfits.

We added some time as being older I knew I would need a bit of extra time for the second round, but after reading her blog for months, and getting excited over here, it was the best decision.

62yr old, For exhibition in Tel Aviv

Aug 2017

She was late, but to her credit, she email me an hour before and told me. I appreciated that, as it told me she respected my time and that was a good start (rare in the escorting business). And it only got better from there. I make major decisions throughout my professional career and during our email discussions she mentioned that should would be happy to be the dominate one. I would make no decisions, it would be an hour of  sexual therapy (as per her blog).

It was quite the experience, to let go entirely. I had no decisions as she told me what, where and how and this all from a beautiful intelligent women with a lovely set of natural tits  (I’m a tit lover).

57yr old consultant, Tel Aviv, Yisrotel Hotel

Feb 25, 2016

“Her eyes, she has the body, the classic tall, full breasted, blond, but it was the eyes that did it. She gives you her full attention and you believe she really is your girlfriend.”