I'm Kim, An Independent Tel Aviv Escort
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I'm Kim
Offering a Wonderful GFE Experience
Kim, also known as Kimberly
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HI, I’M YOUR INDEPENDENT BUSTY (Natural Ds) BLONDE TEL AVIV ESCORT IN ISRAEL – Providing a very personal escort outcall service

My name is Kim, a 29 year old, Tel Aviv Escort and student working toward my professional degree here in Israel, and I give a great massage. However, there is more, we can include intelligent, pretty, sexy, a busty blonde with Natural Boobs. I have recently been told that I’m the BEST outcall private / independent Tel Aviv escort. I was even told I’m amazing woman and a Goddess! – WOW.

Receiving such compliments, is great for my ego, but I do believe they exaggerated just a bit (though being a Goddess is really cool).


Kim, One of the Few Real Independent Tel Aviv Escorts

There are actually very few of us in Israel, Israelis who work in this field that are truly independent and I’m sure there are many reasons for it. I suspect one of them is we are a rather conservative culture. True we are a liberal country in that we are considered ‘gay friendly” for example, but like in many societies (all?) we have our contradictions and this is one of them. Consequently I keep this part of my life a secret and limit my clients to those who are just visiting Israel for short trips.


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The winner will be based on the highest percentage of correct answers as well as speed.

Good Luck!

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What is Fluctuating in my Life?

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What Went Down?

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Am I a Blond, Brunette....What Color is my Hair?

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Which Role Play is the Most Dangerous in Real Life

escort reviews tel aviv

In terms of companions, what do I like?

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Why did I wear sweat pants to a client the first time?

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When did I get a "C" on my performance

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Was there a bartering deal? and if so what was it for?

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My comparison chart, what is it comparing?

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Why is my Blog one of the most read parts of my Website?

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An escort emergency...

Since There will be a prize (me!) for those who get the most answers correct in the shortest amount of time, you may want to leave me your email address
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The Beautiful Present…Read More

My Outcall Visits

Being an independent Tel Aviv escort, the responsibility for not just client satisfaction, but the marketing is all mine. My clients know so much and they are more than happy to teach me. I would never have meet these men, various CEO’s, experienced and powerful executives, the international consultants if I had a regular job.

In the privacy of their hotel rooms, in the relaxed atmosphere, they are more than happy to advise me in my little business, sometimes for hours. They take out their pad, then pens and start drawing for me business plans, graphs, goals. I had one client pull out his projector (a real one) and I had my own personal seminar.

Its also pretty amazing (but not surprising) just how open they can be after one of my super erotic “massages”.

and there is more…so much more.

Of course there is much more to write about which is why I have my blog, with subjects that vary from the fetishes and sexuality to the mechanics of website optimization.

And if your younger than 18, you have read enough and its time for you to go, preferably outside and get off the damn screen.

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