I'm Kim, An Independent Tel Aviv Escort
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I'm Kim
Offering a Wonderful GFE Experience
Kim, also known as Kimberly
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HI, I’M YOUR TEL  AVIV ESCORT: INDEPENDENT, BUSTY (Natural Ds) & BLOND – Providing a very personal escort outcall service in Israel

My name is Kim, a 29 year old, Tel Aviv Escort and student working toward my professional degree here in Israel, and I give a great massage. However, there is more, we can include intelligent, pretty, sexy, a busty blonde with Natural Boobs. I have recently been told that I’m the BEST outcall private / independent Tel Aviv escort. I was even told I’m amazing woman and a Goddess! – WOW.

Receiving such compliments, is great for my ego, but I do believe they exaggerated just a bit (though being a Goddess is really cool).


Special Options for Special People 😉

A very interesting phenomena exists within the *BDSM world. Very powerful men, who make decisions that affect many people, who have a commanding presence where ever they go, sometimes need just the opposite.

They need me to command them, to make them feel small. They need me to offer them punishment and rewards for their the little orders I give them.

And I can be very unforgiving in my demands…and they come back for more.

*I offer BDSM Lite

Trying to Outsmart me (Israeli’s seem to like the challenge).

Confused/ Disappointed with the Israeli Escort Options?

The ads for Working Woman can be found all over the Internet. What is confusing is not what are they promising, but what do they actually deliver. And who are they?

  • Tourists?
  • Professionals?
  • Coerced?
  • Free will?
  • Educated?

I have prepared a table that will help you understand.

tel aviv escorts
The Only Comparison Chart in the Middle East if not the World

For all you Techi’s who are visiting my site

telaviv escort

Learn how google is driving me crazy, while I learn about image compression, content delivery network (CDN), minifying my javascript, etc.  My “scoring” on various speed tests is now over 95%

This stuff is very intensive, but I am now on googles first page!! and the increase in page visits is the result.

BTW, I have a Glasses Option for those who would like a visit from a sexy nerd!