I’m  Kim, a 29 year old, Tel Aviv student working toward my professional degree here in Israel, while working as an escort. I am a intelligent, pretty, sexy, busty blonde with Natural Boobs (D Cup) and have recently been told that I’m the BEST private / independent escort in Tel Aviv,  an amazing woman and a Goddess!  – WOW.

I certainly appreciate the compliments, but I do believe they exaggerated just a bit (though the Goddess part has potential as the best TelAviv Escort)


Sometimes its just an innocent fantasy of clothes, for others its a darker fantasy that negates one public appearance.

Whatever the case, your secret is safe with me. I’m offering you private companionship escorting services from one of the best Tel Aviv escorts you’ll ever meet, and I’m all yours without judgement.

The highest percentage goes to the role play, the secretary that is driving you crazy at work, the innocent intern who you would just love to “take her from behind as walks by. For others its those blonds that jog by every morning, you know the ones with the pony tails.

There are still other fantasies, like waking up in the morning with some sexy girl taking care of you (better than an alarm clock). How about the fully dark room, where all you have is touch…

And of course we can go deeper and darker, into getting spanked, being controlled by the best independent escort in Tel Aviv. Others want to play “dress up” and pretend that they are woman. The list is apparently endless and its slowly turning into a sub specialty of mine.

You have a fantasy? It can be as simply as me coming as your cheerleader, to me being your domineering mistress or going off on a tangent, and tying you up and having my way with you.

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All of the answers can be found within my website and its blog

The winner will be based on the highest percentage of correct answers as well as speed. If the winner is a previous client he/she will receive one free hour with me. A new client will receive 30% off my price.

Good Luck!

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What Role Play is the Most Dangerous in Real Life

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What Color is my Natural Hair

escort reviews tel aviv

What do I like?

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Why did I wear sweat pants to a client the first time?

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When did I get a "C" on my performance

escort in Tel Aviv

What did I barter for?

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What is my comparison chart on my site comparing?

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Why is my Blog one of the most read parts of my Website?

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What constitutes an escort emergency

Since There will be a prize (me!) for those who get the most answers correct in the shortest amount of time, you may want to leave me your email address

The Results of my first Escort Quiz:

Si is the winner, but I admit he has an advantage, as one of my oldest clients, some of my escort posts are actually about him.

I’ll be revising the questions soon and perhaps I”ll make a rule that all previous winners of my escort quiz cannot participate.

80 points1 minute 55 secondssi...
80 points2 minutes 30 secondsA…
70 points2 minutes 12 secondsJwg
70 points4 minutes 40 secondsjustfya…
70 points2 minutes 36 secondsst…
60 points5 minutes 11 secondsJa..15…
60 points4 minutes 55 secondsBab…
60 points2 minutes 27 secondsfos…
60 points2 minutes 47 secondsdns
60 points1 minutes 39 secondshor…
50 points3 minutes 8 secondslic….
40 points3 minutes 32 secondsusa
30 points4 minutes 24 secondsjfft…
30 points2 minutes 44 secondsme
20 points5 minutes 14 secondsamit
20 points2 minutes 27 secondsbh

I have made a comparison chart of the various options here in Israel for Private Companionship,  Telaviv Escorts.

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