Escort Screening- its a small global village

Every so often I receive an email from an escort on the other side of the globe, Jennifer Baily (, asking me about a client of mine. Its just a simple email checking up on his identity for¬†verification purposes and if he falls within the general guidelines of “escort normal” (that will be different blog […]

Escort Internet Marketing- Busty Escort with Real Picts

Now this a challenge. Google does not allow for escorting ads, so I’m limited to forums, and google organic’s list. I’ve done my reading, I’ve received advice and help from my clients (some are digital professionals),¬† I know my stats on Google Analytics, my page rank, who visits, which pages, key words, meta descriptions, SEO, […]

Natural Big Boobs and my Day Job – dividing my brain.

I”ve got an “hour glass” type of body with big Naturals (that means natural big tits), long legs and flowing blond hair. This is great for escorting, sometimes problematic for my day job (though not always). Whats worse however is the politics that comes with working in a company, defending ones turf, passing the buck, […]

My Escort Site Went Down

The last thing one wants to see when checking out their site My site went down for about 12 hours. What a feeling of helplessness. I notice the site was down, emailed the company who quickly responded with an email saying they are working on it. After an hour I emailed again and received a […]

The Sexy Secretary….

my escort blog

What exactly is it about the “office worker, secretary” that turns on men so much? Seriously, do you know just how many requests I get to come wearing a secretary outfit? And of course we add roll playing to the scenrio as well. Having me sit at a desk while the “boss” comes over to […]

OOF! having my period

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m going to need my uterus to have babies in the future, I would consider getting rid of it. Being a private escort, having a day job and courses requires quite a bit of juggling, then to add to that, my period, which isnt that consistent adds to […]

Uniforms…very sexy – turn me on

I like pilots as clients, maybe its something about their being able to be “cool” under pressure or knowing how to handle all that information that is coming in to their brain all at once….it just seems so sexy. Of course the uniform is always neat as well be it the classic airline pilot or […]

The Escort from Eastern Europe

Sometimes I get emails from women. Some of them are interested in some “girl to girl love” (which I do enjoy), others are curious about the work,¬† others like this latest email I received is a girl coming to Israel from Europe and wants to work as an escort here to help pay for her […]

Google and SEO for Escorts in Tel Aviv

kim escort tel aviv

Just a few thoughts on my SEO work here (thats search engine optimization for those who thought the SEO might be some kind of new term for some sex position / act). The competition is tough here, with so many girls coming here for a few weeks (months?) from Eastern Europe, flooding the general portals […]

Escorting in Tel Aviv: a cultural anthropologist pov

As a service provider in Tel Aviv (Escort Services in Tel Aviv), when I receive an email form a potential client I ask a few questions. One of the reasons is to know where they are from, this helps me psychologically to be prepared for our meeting. Different cultures have different expectations from an escort […]

Independence Day and Escorting in Tel Aviv

Its Israels independence day today, though my visitors may not know how important it is to me, its a day that I do not do any escorting (I also do not work on Saturdays). I”m an import, I wasn’t born here in Israel but I decided that years ago that this was the place for […]