Escort Birthday Present

Its happened a few times already when I get an email from a male who wants me to be the present to his wife. Its never really clear to me in the beginning as to whom I”m really the escort present forĀ  – for him, who wants to have two women with him, for his […]

Sex Escort Communication – Email

Quite a few times I’ll be asked for my phone number from a potential client, and the answer will always be no. No question that it would make me setting up the meetings easier, it would be faster and easier to get a “feel” for the client by the way they talk, their accent etc. […]

The Clothed Fetish

I mentioned that I would write about the various fetishes that I’ve come across. This one is about Clothed sex. He likes me to keep my clothes on. I’ve been with him a few times now, so sometimes I come as a secretary including glasses with the tight dress down to my knees and tits […]

Nice Surprise – clients are reading my escort blog

Its been a nice surprise, When potential clients write me asking about when we can meet, they also mention my blog, that they have been reading it and its left a very good impression on them. I admit I really wasn’t considering that when I decided to open up a blog. My inital goal was […]

Fetish – Foot, Hi Heels

This will be the first of many, Fetish’s are a part of my life as a provider. Whats surprising is the large variety of them that I encounter, though I have yet to meet the “furry ones” I’ve met quite a few interesting ones. The most benign and yet one that keeps me feeling classy […]

Six Day War

Today its 50 years since the six day war and I have a client who was a young paratrooper in that war. He has told me little about the actual war, but what he did talk about was the period before the war, the waiting period, when they knew, thatĀ  the arab armies that were […]

W4W – Female Escorting

and the answer is yes……I do enjoy being with other woman, as I am bisexual. Its different with woman and I have even set up a second website site that purpose.   Though I don’t promote it enough. I really don’t even know the market for female escorting, but it exists. So far […]

Finding an Escort / Provider / Callgirl in Israel

Finding an Escort / Provider / Call girl in Israel Looking for an Escort / Provider / Call Girl in Tel Aviv Israel? On this post I”ll go through your various options be you a couple, a woman or a male. Here I’ll write about the real independents, the pseudo independents, the part- timers, the […]

Best TelAviv Escort Website Design in the World

I”ve just upgraded my design (again) but this time I’m really really satisfied. I searched the web for good escort website designs and actually found very few that I liked. I was going for the “Elite look. the Hi- Class Escort Look” One that clearly states that I have good taste, I’m intelligent, that I”m […]