Special Escort Clients- Role Playing

When I first started designing my website I did my research on the high end sites. I was always amazed at how the women on these sites had a section for presents. There they listed all kinds of expensive jewerly, fancy lingerie, dinner clothes that their clients were invited to buy them. I wondered if […]

Erectile Dysfunction / Premature Ejaculation – or just too excited with an escort

One of the more interesting aspects of my secret life are the different variations of the erection. I’ve come across premature ejaculation as well as andropause as well as the erectile dysfunction. Now if you believe you have a medical problem, then there are actual clinics that can help you. However I’ve also discovered in […]

Escorting and the Hidden Needs (Humiliation)

As many of you know, those who have written me, visited with me, I also do what is known as “humiliation” (what I call BDSM lite).   You shall call me “Mistress”   This is when the hi priced lawyer, the powerful businessman, the CEO of some hi tech company for some psychological reason needs […]