Thanking my Clients from the bottom of my escort heart

You guys have been great, its the holidays and I have family visiting.  My time as an escort is limited and I’ve been changing our agreed upon times a few times and my time with family changes. Also,  I really haven’t always been able to bring along my “yoga pants or secretary outfit, and you […]

Escorting during the Holidays

Well the holidays are here, that means family get togethers and a break from escorting, whether I want to or not. Not much scheduling to do, so it also means that I’ll be needing some private time for myself  🙂 Even where there are emails and dates to make, many will have to be turned […]

Kim’s Tel Aviv Escort Reviews and Comments

Hi Guys….now I need some input from you my clients. I have a page on my site that quotes a few clients who visited me, but those go back to last year. I have a link to TER which reviews escort girls as well, but they are few. So, I need to refresh my quotes […]

Escort Clients: The Various Professions

Since my hourly is not low, most of my clients are professionals, that are visiting Israel for professional reasons. They are almost always very interesting, outside of their profession they usually have interesting hobbies as well.   For example, one of my clients loves to do illustrations and offered to draw me (see the  pict-only […]

Independent Escort Economics

Listen up guys (and gals if there are any reading this), this will be the first lecture on escort economics for the private, independent escort.   To begin with this week I”ve had my period and couldn’t work and the timing was perfect as I’ve had a drop in emails this week. Not so much […]