Winter Escorting

It has rained today, it may not be snow but it does mean that the winter has arrived. For my work as an escort it means its time to break out the leather boots, the winter jacket (and I can wear something very sexy underneath. Its just so sexy to walk into a hotel with […]

I’m Back to Escorting: Holidays are Over

Wow…the holidays here are long. As much as I loved seeing my family and the get togethers its even nice to get back to my own life. And much of that life involves my escorting where I get to meet some of the most interesting guys around Now lets do a little bit of picture […]

Recommending my Escort Competition

There are times when a clients schedule and mine simply don’t work out. His / Her free time and mine simply don’t coincide. At this point I have a few options, the first one is the probably the most widely used one by all escorts, which is when its clear there wont be a meeting, […]