Reading Between the Lines (escort emails)

One of my more time consuming tasks are the emails. It is here where the first contact starts and the first impressions are made. And its here where I try to separate myself from the competition.  I want to show how warm I am, that I do want you to enjoy our time together, that […]

Anticipating my escort entrance

One of the most exciting moments for me (the escort) and for the client is when I come out of the bathroom dressed in one of my outfits. When I open the door of the bathroom and step in to the room so they can see me, I can almost hear their heart beating, trying to […]

I was graded, and I got a “C” (71%) on my Performance

I really didn’t understand, I get constant compliments on the quality of my work, on the appearance, yet when I asked one of my clients how does one get tested he explained it to me and then when we did it, the result was a C – 71%. Granted I did much better on the […]