Best Escort Discounts in Tel Aviv, Israel

best escort in Tel Aviv

In my last post about Israeli memorial / independence day, I mentioned how I give my IDF Reserve Soldier Clients a discount. I look upon it as the least I can do for them and its not for any kind of marketing promotion. Its pretty well known that in the world of internet marketing, giving […]

Israel’s Memorial Day / Independence Day from an Escorts POV

private escort IDF solider

For those who have been reading my posts I write about many things from my escorting, to the technical problems of my website and little bit about my own “love of country” – Israel. Today is Israels’ Independence day, Israel puts its Memorial day the day before its Independence day, which makes for an emotional […]

An Escort Emergency service

I receive an email recently with the strangest title: Escort ¬†Emergency. Obviously this caught my interest and I answered. A few emails later I understood the problem and we set up a time to meet. And we met, he certainly enjoyed himself ¬†(as did I) and I then asked him If I could copy his […]