Tel Aviv Escorts and Boutique Beers in Tel Aviv

I like Beer, not just as a Private Escort in Tel Aviv, but as a normal young lady that enjoys going out in to Tel Aviv’s night life. Our Rabbi’s have a history of established brewers in the sixth century so the tradition is very old.  Apparently microbreweries are growing industry in Israel as there […]

My Boss is looking for a Private Escort in Tel Aviv for Companionship

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My boss sent an email to Kim inquiring about her availability as he is looking for some companionship. I”m sure your first question is how did I recognize that it was him, well, it was his English. He’s an Israeli with very good English but he likes certain phrases that he uses over and over […]

Pandering to Google-My Escort Service

Forgive me readers, but this is about Google and me being a telaviv escort girl.   This post is all about pandering to Google. One of the fastest changing aspects in todays world is the internet. With the changing laws worldwide concerning internet advertising for sex-workers, and escort girl my position in Google’s organic engine […]