Your own Independent and Private Sexy Escort in Tel Aviv

As a private TelAviv Escort I’m more expensive than many of the girls, the only real question you should be asking is am I worth it?

Of course there are also a few secondary questions that come in to play such as the experience you are looking for, does your comfort zone in inviting such companionship include a “working brain” as well as a “killer body.” How about actual real attention without “watching the clock.?” and to top it off, I really enjoy it.

I can’t really answer for you own personal preferences, but no doubt I’m far less a risk than your other escorts working in Tel Aviv, and I do offer additional services such as BDSM, fetish and massage.


For the Magic Hour with me:
1,300nis  (325€, $380)

Additional Escort hours are optional:
2 Hrs: 2,000nis (500€, $600)
Overnight: 5,900nis
Up to 48hrs: 7,000nis

For Couples:
2,000nis  for each hr.

My Escorting Services Include a BDSM Option
Send an Email for details/pricing


Euros and US dollars are acceptable
– as per my exchange rate, which is similar to those that you will fine at the Airport or Hotel 🙂

Please Note: Travel to Herzaliya is outside of Tel Aviv and I add 200nis for my travel costs/time

I will be asking for your full real name, the one that your registered at the hotel. As an Independent escort in Tel Aviv, this is for my own protection and is non-negotiable. I understand that for some this is uncomfortable and they will decide that they would rather not. In those cases I simply suggest your look elsewhere, to the agencies or apartments where they don’t ask for such information.

You can read about your other options here.

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