Dinner, the Yacht and the Escort

Dinner, the Yacht and the Escort

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One of the advantages that my repeat escort clients have is that I’m willing to break out of our standard hotel meet. I’ve seen him over 4 times and by now knew that he loved the water and had a yacht. He always invited me to go with him on a cruise even a short day trip, but since the yacht was in Europe there wasn’t much chance of that happening.

As usual a month before his arrival in Israel, he sent me an email where we made a preliminary date. This time however he told me to save a 2 hours maybe even 3 hours.We started off with dinner in the Herzaliya, one of the very nice restaurants next to the marina. I guess since I was there as an escort, it was a business meeting.  I like fish and so that is what I ordered, and what was served was not what I had ordered. I had a slight dilema, I don’t have a problem in asking / telling the waitress that I had received the wrong fish, I just didnt want to do it in such a way as to ruin the fun and light atmosphere that I was working on with my client, yet I wasnt going to accept the fish. I figured that it wasnt such a bad thing, since my client  will get to know a little bit more about me, my personality. Still, I didn’t want to freak out the young waitress.

I explained to her the problem, yet she insisted that I received what I ordered. Ok this was not working out as planned, I asked her, well sort of demanded that she bring in the manager, but with smile. My client, clearly wasnt sure what to do about this as  i was clearly in control and he was slightly uncomfortable. Anyway the manager came, quickly took away the fish and soon I had the fish I ordered. I though this exchange slightly ruined the atmosphere,  I was wrong. After my fish arrived, he had this funny smile, I asked him what was going on and said he never knew how a strong woman could turn him on. He was used to being the “strong man, the one in control” and the interchange that I had with the waitress, simply “turned him on.

This has happened to me more than once and it always surprises me (well less now).Though I can take care of myself, its seems that our cultural training seems to favor giving control to the man. And when I take control, the reaction is always interesting. I could tell that he was getting excited and probably thinking about skipping our meal and heading straight for the room.  I made it clear that we are not rushing through our dinner and infact I might even have two deserts…


Control he liked? Control he was going to get!

I certainly took my time, in fact I removed my shoe and even played with his foot, put my foot up his pants a little bit. I also ordered a second side dish, a second desert, always reminding him that I am in charge. I could see it was driving him crazy, the teasing with my foot while my taking my time with dinner. This escort was not going to be so easy 🙂

As we finished, I asked him which hotel, he just glanced at the boats in the marina with had this naughty smile. I had to think quickly, should I give him this ‘victory.? It does change our relationship as it means giving up some control, and I was curious about his boat. I gave him a smile back but did mention that we’re staying in the marina.

We walked along the many boats and finally at the far end arrived at his a modest yacht and it was then that the wind picked up and the rain started. I always like the rain and love the wind, especially when I’m inside and can hear it outside. This was a bit different as the rain on the boat had a different sound than that of a house, a bit more threatening and the wind was definitely having its affect on my balance. (hi heels and boats are not a good combination).

I cant say it wasn’t fun, because it was and it certainly was different from my traditional hotel visits as the architecture is a bit different from the standard hotel room, luckily I”m very flexible 🙂

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