Lets Compare My Services with the Others

Comparison Chart – Tel Aviv Escorts

Summary of the Relevant Options for Comparisons – Brothels to Independent Tel Aviv Escorts

Brothels: Woman waiting for the clients, one after the other. A very impersonal service with the concept of “as many as possible.” There are many layers here, each requiring their cut from what the woman makes.

Pseudo Private Escorts: These are women who are “visiting” israel as tourists. They are usually from E. Europe, have a personal phone numbers and their own apartment. They actually work for a company(s) that set them up takes care of the advertising and takes their cutl.

Escort Agencies: These are companies with large websites and pictures of many many woman (few if any actually work here). They put in many resources to grab your attention with alluring ads and stories. I understand that they take 50% of what the client pays.

Private Independent Escorts: The rarest of them all here in Israel. Real independent woman who manage their own affairs. Decide who they visit, when and retain all of their earnings.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row el_id=”comparisonchart”

The chart below is just a general guideline. Given the nature of the escort business there will always be exceptions.

 LocationPrice Range (Hr)CommunicationVariety of ServicesDescription
InCall300-500NISEnter the AptVery limitedSad places to visit

Pseudo Private Escorts
InCall (Private Apt)600-800NISPhone / Whatsapp: You'll be talking to the girl, but the communication will be limited in time and information.Some options may be discussed but it will be limitedWomen who are here for a short visit: make money and go. They are actually working for an Agency

Escort Agencies
Private Apt / Hotel / AirBnb600-1000NISPhone: No direct communication with the girlYou don't know until she arrivesAlways a gamble as they send who is available...
Private Independent Escort

Hotel / AirBnb1300NISEmail:

Free to discuss your fetishes, expectations and what we can do about them
From GFE to Role Playing to Foot Fetish and others...just ask.A case of "you get what you pay for". The most expensive of the options, but the most varied and personal service. There is also a good chance of having a revisit in the future.
Plus and for some its very important, your inviting a woman who has freely chosen her profession and makes her own choices.
Yarden, May, Alex, Isabelle...other Independents
Apt / Hotel / AirBnB1100 - 2000NISPhone / EmailVaries, some will discuss some options in email / phone, some wontBetter than the Agencies, but clearly not as accommodating / Flexible as Kim

So what have we learned from this chart:

Most of the options have a higher risk factor of you not getting the escort and the service that you want.

Most of my clients are not just looking just for sex but for some companionship as well, some intimacy. Many will return to me for that same reason. You will simply not get that in the younger girls that are here as escorts masquerading as tourists as they are soon to move on.

The agencies and the telephone operator have little interest in your actual needs and use the “bait and switch” technique. You may ask for a young tall blond with big naturals as in the picture, but they will send whomever they have available, even if she is short, black hair and a bit overweight. They go on the correct assumption that you are too horny to argue and will accept whomever walks in the door.

The better choice is one of the truly independents escorts. Like any small business, we like to keep our clients happy and will go the extra mile to insure that.

Of course all of these options lead you to send me an email and set up a meeting with me…..now isn’t that a surprise!!!

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