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Hi Guys….now I need some input from you my clients. I have a page on my site that quotes a few clients who visited me, but those go back to last year. I have a link to TER which reviews escort girls as well, but they are few.

escort in Tel Aviv

So, I need to refresh my quotes and reviews from you, my clients. I’ve received more than enough emails of how much you enjoyed your time with me, so now I would like to ask of you to write me (feel free to use a new email or put in a comment on the post itself.


I can’t really say if the comments and reviews on my own website are actually believable and increase the confidence factor interms of inviting me (perhaps you my clients can help me out here). However, one cannot forget Google, and Google always likes new relevant text on my site.


I realize that I could just make something up, but I prefer that its real as it goes to my own credability and  with your permission I can place it on my review page.


Thanks for you help (and of course all will be anonymous), in fact you don’t even have to identify yourself






I do believe  I can describe this “call to action” a success. I’ve received quite a few quotes to use and  I even a full review on the website TER.



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