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Welcome to my Privacy Page

and to be very very clear: I do not collect nor store any personal data from my website

I’m a private escort and as much as I need my privacy, I assume my client needs theirs, hence this website stores no personal information about its visitors. I do use Google Analytics that uses impersonal information such as location, device used by my site visitors for statistical analysis, but its all annoymous.


Also, as you read through my site, please don’t misunderstand me, I am not providing sex services of any kind. I provide very erotic escort services in Tel Aviv and I may use escort terminology for advertising / marketing reasons, but I am not publicising any prostitution services as Israeli Law prohibits this, and I am a lawful citizen of Israel


The Statistics

I’m a small business and most of us small businesses simply cannot afford to hire an SEO company for our advancement in Google’s organic engine. In addition I really do not want to expose myself as a private escort in Tel Aviv, more than I have to. I’ve taken courses in statistics and I am now quite knowledgable in using Google Analytics. The information about my sites visitors (you) are anonymous but quite extensive. By building statistical models, profiles of my clients, when the emails are received I can quickly decide if they are a serious potential client or if they are just wasting my time with multiple emails.