As an Escort in Tel Aviv, I Have My Own Cookie Policy

I am strongly committed to baking really good escort cookies while doing so in the most provocative outfits. It maybe that when I bend over to pick up some of the cookie crumbs and you see my so very smooth and round behind just begging to be touched, it is within my cookie policy that you have the right to take me right then.

My cookie policy also extends to the melting of the chocolate of the chocolate chips, pouring them on my stomach and belly button and then licking of them as a cleaning procedure.

One of the most important aspects of a good Escort Cookie Policy is that it has to be adaptable, flexible and above all, tasty. Now there are those of you who will in fact remember just how tasty I am, how moist I can get and remember that sweet nectar as the prize. Flexibility is important, taking advantage of the wall, the chair, and most off all the desk, represents good use of that policy.

I assumed that the EU with their new GDPR rules and regulations will approve.

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